Al Mashora

Corporate PRO Services

Al Mashora has taken corporate PRO services to a different level of professionalism and quality based on the integration of a professional and knowledgeable team, advanced technological systems, as well as firm strategic partnerships with the relevant government entities. We manage these services through the highest reliable and effective manner to achieve optimal client satisfaction. We manage the complete cycle and scope of any required service including performance, monitoring, updating and ADNOC registration.
And more corporate PRO services include the following:

1- Commercial License processes:
  • Commercial License renewal
  • Commercial License modification (activities, partners, address, name etc.)
  • Commercial License cancellation
2- Investor Visa processes
  • Entry permits
  • Change status
  • E-ID cards
  • Health insurance
  • Residence visa stamping
3- Employment visa processes
  • Work permits
  • Labor cards and contracts
  • Entry permits
  • E-ID Cards
  • Medical tests
  • Health insurance
  • Residence visa stamping
4- Residence Visas
  • Family visas
  • Domestic helpers visas
5- Commercial agency

All\any governmental transactions for clients and customers are dealt within the following departments:

  • Ministry of Culture Youth & Community Development
  • Ministry of Defense
  • Ministry of Interior
  • Ministry of Labor
  • Judicial Department
  • Department of Economy and Development
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Tourism Authority
  • Emirates Identity Authority
  • Ministry of Health (SAHA)
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Ministry of Higher Education
  • Waste Management Authority
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Ministry of Economy
  • Food Control Department