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Business Consultancy & Company Formation Service In Abu Dhabi

Local Sponsorship

Al Mashora is a 100% local company which can act as a local service agent for all new startups and existing companies in Abu Dhabi. Our local sponsorship is based on transparency, ethical and professional structures, as well as guarantees full safety procedures and legal conformations. We provide sponsorship assistance for all types of legal company formations in all the business sectors within, such as oil and gas field, contracting and construction, financial sector, service sector, and other general fields. When providing local sponsorship, we are confident that you will receive benefits of our deep local knowledge and experience in the business set up field.

We Will

Support You

Al Mashora has developed a robust infrastructure based on technology, human resources, strategic partnerships, and established assets to provide a range of diverse services that fit the company’s vision and satisfies different market sectors and categories. Al Mashora has developed its services to establish a strong arm of support to be a partner to its clients in their aim to achieve their objectives.

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Set Up

Al Mashora services has successfully proven an impressive record with servicing clients, business setup services and renewal processes. Our edge value is our strategic partnership with the relevant entities such as Department of Economic Development, Ministry of Economy, Chamber of Commerce, Municipality, and Waste Management Authority and thus we achieve faster and more efficient processing of all business setup procedures.

Al Mashora has an experienced business consultant team, which brings together a diverse set of skills to address the unique business challenges of companies and individuals.

Our experience allows us to support clients on a breadth of wide business issues that concern governmental requirements and approvals. Our consulting professionals propose creative solutions and implementation strategies based on the client’s requirements and inquiries. They provide an efficient and useful management consulting service as to how to search for the right partners or investors, what type of legal business type to establish, or the device strategies for market entry in Abu Dhabi and the UAE as a whole.

Setting up a business in the UAE is generally a daunting task. We at Al Mashora, understand clients’ requirements, therefore our pro-active approach in handling assignments ensure project completion within the stipulated time as we value our client’s time and money.

Strategic Location

Abu Dhabi is a city that is located at the meeting point of Europe, Asia, and Africa. This location has made Abu Dhabi a hub for trade and business for many years. The city is strategically positioned on the Arabian Peninsula and has access to the Persian Gulf making it a gateway to the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Abu Dhabi has busy ports and airports that allow its companies to easily access global markets.


Abu Dhabi’s tax system is one of the most favorable in the world, with no personal income tax. This allows individuals to keep more of their earnings.

Future Growth Prospects

Abu Dhabi is working on improving its economy by diversifying and promoting innovation. Because of where it is located, many businesses see Abu Dhabi as an attractive place to work internationally. Some of the things Abu Dhabi is focusing on include healthcare, technology and renewable energy to support growth for a long time. The leaders of Abu Dhabi are also very interested in innovative ways to invest in new industries and technology.

Safety And Stability

Abu Dhabi is voted to be one of the safest cities in the world, with low crime rates and a strong security presence. Investors can feel confident knowing their investments and assets are secure.
Additionally, Abu Dhabi is known for its political stability, which makes it a safe place to invest.


Abu Dhabi’s government has implemented several business-friendly policies that have made it an attractive destination for entrepreneurs and investors. The city offers a range of incentives, including tax exemptions, free trade zones, and streamlined regulations, to encourage foreign investment and business activity, like exemption from corporate taxes, import and export duties, and personal income tax. These zones provide a favorable business environment for companies looking to establish a presence in the Middle East.



Abu Dhabi is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, attracting millions of visitors each year. The city offers a range of attractions, from luxury shopping and dining to adventure sports and cultural experiences. The city’s landmarks, including the Burj Khalifa, the Abu Dhabi Mall, and the Palm Jumeirah, are some of the most famous tourist attractions in the world.

Quality Of Life

Abu Dhabi offers an outstanding quality of life for residents and visitors, with its modern infrastructure, world-class healthcare facilities, and excellent education system. The city’s healthcare system is among the best in the world, with state-of-the-art hospitals and medical centers that offer high-quality medical care. Moreover, Abu Dhabi is home to several international schools and universities, providing access to quality education for students from around the world.